Recipe for amazing and dysfunctional best friendship

You will need: 

1 crazy, manic medical student on the brink of finals
1 best friend 
1-2 elf toes, to taste 
This crow 
Rotten apples

Mix all together in a fruit tray and garnish with pound cake. Knock someone whom you love into it. Let it age, like cheese. Stop dead in your tracks in front of it when you tell people they are your Bacon.   

I love you Colleen Berryessa! I could e-mail you to tell you this, but I feel that you deserve special public recognition for bearing with this crazy (and my readership is so exclusive that this is essentially a personal e-mail to you). Thank you so so so much for taking care of me. 


Sprint WOD

I love my new Asics (Gel Lyte 33v2, check it), and they have helped me ever-so-slowly get rid of my prominent heel strike, overpronation, and arch pain. Sometimes I overdo it, but overall, way less pain than before. I might actually stop hating long-distance running! Let’s not get crazy though–I still have the attention span of a gnat, and I’m much more of a sprint kinda girl. My Crossfit coach overslept today, so to destress, I did a 25 min evening run–2 min warmup @ 6mph, then 20s on 10 off x 44 @ 9mph, 6% incline. I also did 2 tabatas throughout the day– an air squat tabata and a jump rope tabata. Still need to work on my double unders, but it’s a work in progress. As soon as this damn exam is over, I’m going to write a more light-hearted post for my small (but mighty!) following on my favorite workout jamz (which is mostly, embarrassing but effective).

A healthier alternative to binge eating during finals

Like many students, I tend to forgo all my eating rules when it’s time for finals. I’m in pure survival mode, and that means making unhealthy choices like eating candy and binge eating even healthy food. I’ve always coped with stress using food, and it’s one of the things that I’d like to work most on. It’s easy to live healthfully when you’ve got time and energy, but what about when you’re tired, stressed, or upset? 

Today, I binge ate several times and ended up feeling sluggish, painfully full, and a little guilt-ridden. I used food as reward and punishment. But at one point in the day, I decided to feed my stress with exercise rather than food. I went for a leisurely jog on campus, and ended up feeling way better than if I had eaten more chocolate. 

Which got me thinking: how can I substitute exercise for the times I want to binge eat? I am lucky in that I love to work out, unlike a lot of people. How can I capitalize on this and use exercise as a healthy break? Can I use exercise to achieve what I use snack breaks for: a mental break from studying?  

A time-management technique I’ve been experimenting with is the “pomodoro method.” You study 25 min on, 5 min off, for 4 blocks before taking a longer break. It forces you to break your work into chunks, and it keeps my ADD-riddled brain from being bored (25 min is the upper limit on how long I can spend on 1 concept). The idea is that you are most productive in short bursts and need to re-energize so often rather than working for hours on end with no breaks.

Tabata training works on a similar principle: you perform 8 cycles of work, in which you do 20 sec on, 10 sec rest. Because you are going as hard as you can, you are exhausted by the end of the 4 minutes. What if, instead of reaching for a snack, I did a Tabata in between each pomodoro block? And at the end of the block, I went for a 15-min jog? I would get the endorphins I love and the mental break I crave. 

Also, instead of mindlessly eating, I’m going to try preparing all my food in the morning and portioning it out. This simple step could save me a ton of calories as well as time. 

Crossfit keeps me sane

…because no matter how stressed I am, and no matter how many times I feel like it’s actually NOT going to come together this time, I show up at 6 AM Crossfit and everything makes sense. It’s structure and it’s family. I realize that a 77 lb overhead squat or an 11:45 Helen are as much about mental fortitude as they are about physical strength. But I also realize that having to use a band for pullups or not being able to do an 82 lb overhead squat, a measly 5 lbs more, does not signify weakness. It just highlights the fact that we are all a work in progress. And when I’m doing it with my teammates, including the 6’3, 220 lb former college athlete or the 72 year-old pediatric nurse, it’s a celebration of where we’ve come from and where we are now. 

Check out this video by Julie Foucher, 2nd place in last year’s Crossfit Games and med student at Case: She has the right idea about what Crossfit really is. 

Savory Greek yogurt snack (inspired by TJ’s cilantro chive dip)

You’ll need: 

2 c nonfat Greek yogurt
2 tsp salt 
1 tbsp chopped chives 
1 tbsp chopped cilantro 
6-8 cloves roasted garlic (I bought a 5 lb bag from Milk Pail, wrapped them in foil, and baked at 400F for 30 min. Yum!) 

Mix up right into the container. You can use as a dip for carrots and veggies, then eat the rest with a spoon. 2 cups are 250 calories and a crazy 44g of protein! I’m going to be eating this every day as an afternoon snack 🙂